clavis Fiori App for Maintenance – Safety measures to ensure safe working conditions

In the process industry it is often the case that a certain area or the complete plant has to be isolated for different activities within a plant before the actual inspection, repair etc. can take place. It is necessary that physical, chemical or biological effects on the part of the plant and thus on the employees can be excluded by identifying all isolation points and isolate all energy sources.

Main functions

In our app, the different isolation positions (1 to n) of the affected plant are summarized in a so-called "energy isolation list". The app supports the person who has to perform the fuse or un-fuse to report it back on a mobile basis. Two screens are available for this purpose: the selection screen for entry and the overview list/loaded worklist for confirmation of the isolation positions.

In the selection screen, the user can use various criteria (date of isolation, work area, functional location, status) to determine which isolation items are subsequently displayed in the worklist and restrict the result set accordingly.

The overview list then shows all the items to which the selections apply and offers the option of reporting them back. The positions for safeguarding the plant can be for various types of energy - electrical power, radioactive radiation, escaping steam, etc. The feedback is done by a simple click on the position, and a safety query prevents accidental feedback. Isolation positions change status in the system in this way from either "requested" to "secured" or "unsecured", depending on the previous status.

Online/offline functionalities

A special feature of this application is its offline capability. Through it, it is possible to report back positions even if there is no network coverage in the plant. Positions are saved offline as long as the app is open and are synchronized when reconnected to a network.