clavis Fiori WM App - Goods Receipt

The Fiori mobile app for goods receipt presents the core functions of MIGO in a simplified and intuitive interface. First, open purchase orders can be searched for using the purchase order number, a barcode scanner or an integrated search help. Once one has been selected, the header and item data is loaded and displayed in the form of input fields and a table. These can now be adjusted (such as the quantity of items to be posted or the stock type), whereupon the goods receipt can be posted for the order.

Main Functionalities

  • Posting of goods receipt to line items of open purchase orders
  • Barcode scanner via device camera
  • F4 search help for filtering by purchase orders (by purchase order number, material number, material description, plant and supplier)
  • Predefined fields for goods receipt
  • Responsive design (intuitive operation on desktop PCs, tablets and smartphones)
  • Detailed editing of individual items via pop-ups