What is SAP Fiori?

SAP Fiori is an SAP design concept released in 2013. It moves away from the confusing transactions of the SAP GUI to self-explanatory and easy-to-use interfaces, specialized in individual process steps.

The central entry point for every user is the Fiori Launchpad. In the form of tiles or cards, only the applications that are needed to perform the respective tasks in the company can be seen here. The application is web-based and adapts responsively to all common end devices.

SAP already provides thousands of apps that can be integrated into Launchpad without any development effort. As a result, a large part of the business processes known from the SAP GUI is already covered in Fiori. In addition, SAP provides various development environments and extension options to quickly adapt existing apps or develop new ones.


SAP defines five design principles according to which all Fiori apps are developed:


In Launchpad, you will always see only the Fiori apps you need to complete your tasks.


The Fiori interface automatically adapts to the size and type of output device, whether you are using desktop, tablet or smartphone.


The applications are much easier to use than the complex transactions of the SAP GUI.


The standardized and uniform design makes it easier for you to find your way around and you can familiarize yourself quickly.


The apps look appealing and you can use them intuitively.

Basic SAP Fiori Design Guidelines exist for the implementation of these design specifications.

Technology & Architecture

SAPUI5 (SAP User Interface 5) serves as the technical basis for Fiori. This is a framework derived from OpenUI5, consisting of HTML5, JavaScript, XML and CSS. SAPUI5 is suitable for creating web applications in the SAP and non-SAP environment. In such web applications, the user interface and the database are clearly separated from each other. A special feature is the cross-platform compatibility of SAPUI5, as it is a browser-based technology.

It is possible to use OData services to provide data from CDS views (Core Data Services) or ABAP programs and to use and process this data in an application. OData uses HTTP to transfer the data from the SAP backend (S/4HANA system, ECC, CAR or BW system). The modeling of the data is done with JSON or XML.

For the frontend development of SAP Fiori Apps as well as SAPUI5 and openUI5 applications, several development environments are available, e.g. SAP Web IDE, SAP Business Application Studio or Eclipse.

Extensions & Adaptations

SAP Fiori apps can be extended with UI elements and data. A distinction can be made between the two main types of side-by-side extensibility and in-app extensibility.

In-app extensibility is available by default in many Fiori apps and can also be used without programming knowledge. It can be used in SAP Fiori Apps to customise the layout, extend a form or rename a label, for example.

If a company wants to develop its own custom applications, side-by-side extensibility can be used.

Fiori Apps by clavis

The "Fiori Apps by clavis" are self-developed apps of clavis berater sozietät. The apps are specially adapted to the wishes of the customers, but still comply with the SAP Fiori Design Guidelines.

For companies that use SAP WM on SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA and want to make their mobile applications future-proof with SAP Fiori, we have mapped various WM processes in a mobile Fiori app for SAP ECC and S/4HANA:

  • Goods receipt
  • Inventory (incl. manual signature)
  • TO confirmation
  • Ad-hoc bin-to-bin transfer
  • Queue-controlled warehouse processes

In the process industry it is often the case that a certain area or the complete plant has to be isolated for different activities within a plant before the actual inspection, repair etc. can take place. Our app supports the person who has to perform the fuse or un-fuse to report it back on a mobile basis:

  • Confirmation of locking/unlocking of mobile loaded isolation positions (Lockout/Tackout).

For digitally supported asset inventory and its execution on mobile devices clavisAssetory is the ideal application. The integrated solution consists of a clear inventory cockpit in SAP as well as an intuitive SAP Fiori app for the data entry person.

  • Integrated asset inventory