Mobile asset inventory: clavisAssetory

You want to perform your asset inventory digitally supported and on mobile devices like smartphones? You can achieve this effortlessly with clavisAssetory. The integrated solution for mobile asset inventory consists of a clear inventory cockpit in SAP as well as an intuitive SAP Fiori app for the data entry person.

Main functions of clavisAssetory – Mobile asset inventory

Asset accounting is fully digitized, without media breaks or manual feedback. Data is transferred directly from SAP to a mobile data capture device such as smartphones or scanners with a display. An SAP Fiori app enables easy operation and communication with those responsible for inventory. The inventory results are transferred directly to the SAP Inventory Return Cockpit and can be post-processed there, including an approval process.

Benefits of clavisAssetory – Mobile asset inventory

clavisAssetory offers a time and cost saving solution for mobile asset inventory. The completely digital process and the intuitive operation of the SAP Fiori App make the solution particularly efficient and user-friendly. The direct communication and feedback of the inventory results from and into the SAP system and the inventory return cockpit enable a seamless and transparent inventory.

  • Completely end-to-end digital process – no media discontinuity
  • No printing of inventory lists required
  • No inventory lists to be filled out manually, therefore no manual feedback and no manual transfer of inventory results – manual source of errors excluded
  • Data transfer directly from SAP (ECC or S/4H) to a MDE
  • MDE can be any smartphone or a scanner with display
  • By using company smartphones, no complex installation and setup of inventory peripherals is required
  • The Fiori app is operating system independent (Android, iOS, Windows)
  • Integrated approval process for post-processing of inventory results
  • Intuitive operation of the Fiori app – no extensive training required
  • Direct communication via the Fiori App from asset accounting to those responsible for inventory (e.g. cost center managers)
  • Direct feedback of inventory results from the Fiori App to the SAP system
  • All inventory results are transferred directly and integratively to the SAP Inventory Return Cockpit, no extra data transfer required
  • Inventory return cockpit enables direct post-processing of the inventory results by the asset accounting department
  • It is possible to see at any time whether inventory results have already been completely reported back
  • Adaptation to individual inventory process can be carried out quickly and flexibly

Various views of the FioriApp (german)

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